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Your Pet's Health is in Your Very Own Hands

Roberta Anderson

Dear Animal Lovers and Guardians,

Are You Aware That Your Animal's Health Is In Your Own Hands.

You, too, can assist your animal in experiencing relief from stress, acute or chronic pain, traumas, fears and anxieties through the power of touch. If you have ever felt helpless when your animal became ill, as I once did, you can learn how to use the powerful Rejuvenating Touch Techniques (RTT) I have developed to help them.

Knowledge From Experts.

Through study with experts on acupuncture, acupressure, kinesiology, telepathic communication, therapeutic touch and emotional release work I developed Rejuvenating Touch Techniques and specific sets of treatment patterns designed to reduce trauma and accelerate the natural healing powers present in my animals and those of my friends and clients. This accumulated knowledge resulted in the authorship and publication of, "LOVING HANDS, Touching Techniques to Enhance Your Pet's Health" and "LOVING HANDS, Touch Techniques to Enhance Equine Health" available on the Products page of this website.

What you can do.

In addition to learning these Rejuvenating Touch Techniques from my books, I offer seminars, classes & events, phone consultations, and more. Check the Events and Classes page for current information. To make an in-person or telephone session appointment, please email me at

As Ever,
Roberta T. Anderson, PhD & C.A.P.


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