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Rejuventating Touch Technique Classes

Classes taught by Dr. Roberta Anderson are conducted at 1525 Michael Way in Turlock, CA and in the surrounding greater California Central Valley.

"LOVING HANDS: Rejuvenating Touch Techniques To Enhance Your Animal's Health" is one such 4 Hr. (Two 2 Hr. sessions) class taught by Roberta who is a certified Acupressurist and animal communicator. She introduces students to hands-on techniques to enhance their animal’s health. Roberta demonstrates how to use alternative Rejuvenating Touch Techniques to assist in the physical and emotional wellbeing of dogs, cats and horses. This class is specifically designed as a augmentation to traditional veterinary care. Check out this website for more details about Roberta and her Rejuvenating Touch Techniques.

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Class/Workshop Registration Fees:
1 Hr. Classes & Workshops: $25 Fee
2 hr. Classes & Workshops: $40 Fee
4 hr. Classes & Workshops: $60 Fee

Individual Animal Treatment Session: $70 Fee