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Offers A Series of Hands On Classes & Workshops
To Enhance The Health of Animals Large and Small

Roberta AndersonAnimal Health Care Consultant, Certified Acupressurist and Animal Communicator, Roberta Anderson, PhD, introduces her students to her hands-on techniques to enhance the health of animals large and small. Come learn how to use Roberta's Rejuvenating Touch Techniques to assist in your animal’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

This series of hands on workshops is specifically designed as an augmentation to traditional veterinary health care. Roberta includes the care of Dogs, Cats and Horses. She demonstrates several healing modalities including the Rejuvenating Touch Techniques of acupressure (acupuncture with out needles). Attendees are encouraged to bring their dogs and cats to attend selected workshop sessions. Participants with Horses are encouraged to invite Roberta to visit their animal in its own environment.

To find out more about Roberta and her Rejuvenating Touch Techniques workshops and newsletters, visit the Events and Classes page for full listing of workshops and/or sign up for your free eNewsletter. Email Roberta at - (Subject line: PCC 2016/17 Classes & Workshops?) for greater details about class & workshop content or other activities & services.

Location:1525 Michael Way, Turlock, CA 95382.

 Call To Register for classes & workshops: 209-668-9036 or email Roberta at

Examples of Topics Covered:

Loving Hands: Rejuvenating Touch Techniques to Enhance Your Animal's Health: 4hrs. (Two 2 Hr. sessions - 1st session to learn techniques & 2nd session to practice techniques with your own animal learned in first session. Dog and cats on location of workshop and horses at designated ranches.)

Rejuvenating Touch Techniques to Relieve Common Animal Health Problems: 1 Hr. Session.
Temporary Relief from Indigestion and Cramping; Weight Gain or Loss, and Loss of Alertness.

Rejuvenating Touch Techniques to Address Animal Health Related Interventions: 1 Hr. Session.
Equilibrium Restoration; Fever Reduction; and Immune System Strengthening.

Rejuvenating Touch Techniques to Address Animal Health Related Interventions: 1 Hr. Session.
Shock/Shaking/Shivering; Anxiety Induced Behavior; and Pain Relief Without Drug Use.

Rejuvenating Touch Techniques to Balance Animal Meridians (Energy Pathways): Two 1&1/2 Hr. Sessions.
First session: learn the Techniques.
Second session: bring your animal to practice using techniques learned.


Class/Workshop Registration Fees:
1 Hr. Classes & Workshops: $25 Fee
2 hr. Classes & Workshops: $40 Fee
4 hr. Classes & Workshops: $60 Fee
Individual Treatment Session: $70 Fee

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