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Can Our Pets Benefit from Hypnosis?

Susan Hensley

Friendship - Susan working with an animalCan hypnotic techniques that help humans, be used to help our pets move through fears and traumas? Hypnosis has many forms and techniques, but certain forms of hypnosis do seem to be able to assist some of our stressed out, " inter-species family" members. Can we help our friends with fur coats, fins, and wings to feel better and more at ease when they are going through something that creates grief and/or stress in their awareness? Do they remember difficulties? Do they need to release trauma? How similar are we to them?

Clearly it is normally much easier to bond with a dog than with an alligator, or to have a meaningful connection with most house cats than with most beetles. So we know the animals are innately on different levels of potential understanding.

But back to the question, can we apply hypnosis to help the spirit of our pet when things aren't so great for them?

As an intuitive counselor and hypnotherapist, I have gotten to explore some of these questions and seen some very good results. Hypnosis in the forms of suggestions spoken in certain gentle tones, and music that is relaxing and/or up lifting, which (naturally takes humans to the more relaxed, receptive, brain waves) also seem to relax animals. Silent and affirmative thoughts spoken out loud, as well as positive pictures and photos all can help in getting the pet to relax, calm down and modify their behavior. Most of out pets understand our vibrations around the words and sounds quite well. I often feel they understand "human" better than when we understand "pet". Repetitive, hypnotic, positive suggestion can and often does get through to them as long as we keep anxiety or anger out of our tones, and speak to them or emanate in a gentle way.

Here are some examples..... A while ago, it was my pleasure to work with Bertha Plume and Joan White, and their assistants Sherry and Charles. They were healers of both people and animals in Redwood City. California. Bertha has passed on and Joan decided to spend more time with her husband and family after Bertha passed and disbanded their healing center, but I was fortunate enough to know them for over ten years and learnt a lot from them.

At that time I had a cat who started marking off territory when I came home with an abandoned, but very gentle, cat. The first cat expressed all kinds of behaviors that appeared to be hostile, depressed and worried, and the territory markings were making for a very bad situation at the house no matter what I did. Finally I took both cats to see the ladies at the healing chapel and both kitties were given a treatment of animal hypnosis. Bertha and I said very softly but repetitively, "There is no need for jealousy, you are totally loved and protected, and now have a friend to play with". The cat relaxed and fell asleep purring. I relaxed and repeated the thoughts many times a day, for several days. The territory marking stopped right away and they never had a territorial issue again and became best friends for the rest of their lives.

After that, I have continued to work with intuition and became a hypnotherapist, and from time to time people bring in their pets or ask me to come to the farm or stable, to " talk " with an upset animal. In most cases lowering my voice to a whisper has put the animals at ease, and then the suggestions seem to take hold. Usually the animal and the human parents feel much better, and the problems lessen or go away completely. Most of the time the animals are dealing with issues pertaining to feeling unprotected or that their human caregivers are not protected enough.

Continually speaking to the animal in a positive form about their safety and the safety of their human family during their session, as well as letting them know how loved and appreciated they are often is what's needed. Sometimes music or just low volume soft drumming really helps. Also. Sometimes animals grieve over the death of a friend or member of their family. At that point it is important to repeat and suggest to them their value, as well as their value to those embodied who are around them. As they often are the best smile makers for humans, we can do the same for them. But our vibes must be right! The more developed animals don't seem to be able to do as much as we can, but each species has it's own "miraculous" array of capabilities, and hypnosis can often help them get back in touch with their happiest feelings of themselves, and their own special abilities.

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Susan Hensley is an intuitive counselor and hypnotherapist who incorporates various forms of healing energy.

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