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The Pet Care Connection Invites
Animal Health Care Practitioners To Connect

If you are a Holistic Veterinarian or Animal Health Care Practitioner who would like to submit a 400 to 500-word article about your practice for inclusion in "What's New?" please email me at and I will provide you the details. (Subject line: What's New?) Included in my response will be a sample article to give you an idea of what might be included in your contribution. If you wish, you may submit a logo for your business and/or photo of yourself with your article. If interested you could also submit a series of articles to best convey the work you do and wish to promote through this medium.

There is no cost to submit such an article or be provided with a link to your contact information. You will, however, be expected to provide, in your contacts list, a link back to

For those of you who have worked with Holistic Veterinarians or Animal Health Care Practitioners who you believe would be a good match with THCC; please share this invitation with them.

I look forward to presenting, to my readership, Holistic Veterinarians and/or Animal Health Care Practitioners who believe in the importance of touching our animal friends in meaningful health promoting ways.

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